Economical Solutions

Economical solution for capacities between 150 m²- 500 m² concrete walls/day


System Advantages

  • Designed and suitable for mobile field factory
  • Simple and quick assembly and disassembly
  • All equipment useable in the next investment step in a Pallet Circulation Plant (PCP)


  • Standard pallets- Pallet size and quantity depending on customer requirements
  • Movable compacting and tilting shuttle with horizontal and or high frequency compaction
  • Concrete spreader or bucket
  • Cleaning-, Plotting- and Oiling machine
  • Helicopter finishing machine
  • Turning platform for double wall production
  • Cross transfer platform
  • Pallet size and amount according to specification
  • Portal Crane
  • Mixing plan


  • Standard pallets designed in accordance to the specification with bearing stands connected to the foundations and rail system
  • Fitting shuttering systems for all kinds of elements available (separate information)

Compacting and tilting shuttle

  • High Frequency System (HFS) alternative
  • Horizontal Shaking System (HSS) noise level at 80db(A)
  • One by one tilting of the production tables enables a guided and controlled lifting of the element after curing.

Concrete spreader or bucket

  • Concrete feeding by discharge augers or spiked roller and flaps.
  • Manual and automatic casting
  • Load vibrators
  • Internal bottle vibrators

Cleaning, plotting and oiling machine

  • One movable, multi task, electrically operated machine
  • Pallet surface cleaning with scraper and brushes
  • Plotting element information 1:1 on table surface
  • Oiling of the pallet surface
  • Retarder spraying for exposed aggregates surface

Screeding device

  • Attached to the concrete spreader or as single machine
  • Screeding and levelling of freshly placed concrete