In operation worldwide

For the production of element ceilings, double walls, solid walls and sandwich walls from standard and light-weight concrete are in use all over the world to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Performances of 200 up to 3000m² can be realized.This production method enables a production process which can be controlled the whole way from the CAD system to the construction site.

The automation degree of the plants can be adapted with regards to the aimed capacity and the local conditions.The plants consist of modules and can be adapted to almost all market requirements.The production flow in circulation plants is split up into the following working stations:


A perfect cleaning of pallets' surfaces is the basis for our product quality. The scrapers from special material clean off major dirt from the contact faces without scratching the ground pallets. The brushes remove the fine dust from the pallets.

A dust collecting container or a dust exhaustion provide an optimum surface for the next shuttering process. The machines are produced to a high standard in a driveable or stationary version. Combined machines with the additional functions plotting, oiling, lifting shutterings and lowering them are available as modular components.


Adapted to the shuttering system additional tasks such as measuring the pallets, oiling of the shuttering area, activation of magnets and placing of special magnets for fixing insert parts are performed. The management of the shuttering storage is performed by the MFSR. Shutterings up to a height of 400mm can be processed as a standard. Sommer offers also manual solutions. In this context an ergonomically designed working station is of special importance. State of the art working place systems which ease physical work substantially have already shown to be of a great advantage in many plants.







Lifting of elements / storage

Lifting and cleaning of shutterings