High flexibility and dimensional accuracy

Shuttering technology for wall and slab production.

Sommer shuttering and magnetic systems, the basis for an economic and accurate production of all concrete elements.

Our systems

Shuttering-Module-System (SMS)

Advantages of the use of this patented technology:

  • High flexiblilty
  • High accuracy
  • Cost-saving by shortest rebuilding times
  • Cost-saving by reduction of magazine and storage areas
  • Manual use or use with robotics technology
  • Simple cleaning of the modules
  • Cost-saving by reduction of shutterings
  • Long service life

The principle


Only one basic shuttering element (eg height 100mm) with switchable magnetic fixing units is used for different wall strenghts. Top modules in a freely to be defined measurement are placed on top of this basic shuttering. In the case of three different top heights, eg 60/80/100 mm height 7 wall strenghts (160/180/200/240/260/280/340 mm) can be produced. The top modules (without magnets) can be combined freely.


Assembly or disassembly is performed manually or with help of the MFSR (Multi-Function-Shuttering-Robot).

Manual top modules can also be used for special top parts.


Form-fit connection of the modules by displacement in the longitudinal axis. No screwing, bolting or magnetic fixation required for the connection of the top modules. The connection element is adjusting and stapling element at the same time.

No openings in the shuttering modules guarantee a simple manual or machine cleaning of the profiles.


Massive Wall System (MWIS)

According to the requirements of the customer the shutterings are designed. Shuttering lengths and additional elements are variable and offer highest possible flexibility for all tasks.


The quality of all Sommer shutterings - produced from special steel, laser cut, milled and with the desired profile guarantee a long service life and highest precision. A simple manual or machine cleaning and a safe handling system are also significant for an economic use. State of the art Sommer detail solutions have been tried and tested in permanent use.


Shuttering profile system for slab and double wall (APIS)

For the production of slabs and double walls the APIS system has conquered the market. All profiles, made from special steel, edged and with milled supporting area enable an exact shuttering edge. With three-milled chamfer, rectangular or conical - customer's requirement s can be met. 

Also these profiles are elaborated without openings. The switching magnets are embedded into a cage and thus protected from mechanical damages.

Special Shuttering Systems (SSS)

If the shuttering area is elaborated in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, multi-layer plates or wood depends on the product and the number of uses. Here we can flexibly meet the requirements of the customer.

The fastening of the profiles is usually done by integrated, switchable magnets or alternatively with single magnetic boxes or fastening bars.

For the production of standard elements tiltable shuttering systems are in use with great success. These shutterings are opened or closed by a central actuating unit. 

A minimum processing time on the moulding and demoulding stations are the advantages of that system.

Magnetic Technology from Sommer

Magnetic adhesive forces of 100 daN - 2000 daN

The magnets are adapted according to the required fastening forces to the shuttering heights and shuttering lengths. The neodym magnetic components enable maximum fastening forces at minimum building sizes.

The magnetic elements are embedded into pole elements from steel and protected additionally against mechanical damages and corrosion. Long service life and maintenance-free use of the shuttering elements are guaranteed.

Shuttering elements for skeleton structures

Skeleton member shuttering from SOMMER is particularly notable for its flexibility and ease of use

Basic design

Long shutter life and accurately dimensioned finished concrete elements are guaranteed by solid and rigid basic design.

Ease of use and precise setting make for an efficient, trouble-free production process.

Positioning and pressurising unit

The positioning and prestressing units are of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic design, depending on the particular application

All the shuttering elements are based on the same principle - a rigid foundation grate which supports the positioning platforms that act as mounts for the movement units and the top frames.

Pre-stressing shuttering element

The required pre-stressing forces can be applied directly into these elements.


Shuttering for special purpose elements

Variable rectangular shuttering/special shuttering

The facility to vary length, width and wall thickness is vitally important in the production of concrete elements. This is the SOMMER shuttering system with shaped inserts machined on all sides.

These shuttering inserts are interchangeable and adjustable. The system is used for shrink cores and conical shuttering elements. SOMMER designs and supplies customer-specific forms for all prefabricated concrete components.

Shuttering elements for transformer station and wet cells

Yet another area to benefit from SOMMER's wealth of experience as a builder of shuttering elements.

Where else can you find the right type of shuttering and production system for specific element dimensions and requirements.

Garage shuttering

SOMMER builds garage shutters in various sizes and designs.

These are some of the biggest single formworks we produce and require an extremely strong steel structure and a correspondingly powerful hydraulics system in addition to satisfying important mechanical finishing criteria, eg machine ground shuttering faces.